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We are about growing our young people in their faith, and giving opportunity for others to learn about God in a fun and safe environment

  • "Greatest of These"
  • Untie the knot
  • Band Practise
  • Blind Volleyball
  • "Hunger Games 2"- Progressive Dinner Night
  • Catalyst Youth Band
  • Outreach Teams
  • Bowling
  • Band Practise
  • Japanese night
  • Youth Service Prep
  • Sam sharing his testimony
  • Band Practise
  • Sushi Masterchef
  • Band Practise
  • Crazy Paint Run
Catalyst Youth has two running nights that alternate weekly; being our 'Theme Nights' and our 'B&B' (Bible and Band) Nights... Detailed below

Theme Nights:
Through fun, games, and activities we find out more about each other and God and how he relates to us and our world. Our hope is that each young person we come in to contact with gets to know Jesus and His way of doing life.

These nights follow themes that we feel are relevant to our youth's lives and for our greater church family.

Our 'B&B' nights focus on two aspects of christian lifestyle we felt were important to focus on; being devotion/ bible study and worship. We take this time to look deeper into the specific passages and points our previous 'Theme Night' was built upon

We meet on Saturday Nights (during school term) @ 6.30pm.

A bus pick up starts at 6pm if you need a lift.