Our Vision

A church for all people- demonstrating God’s love for Central Australia.


 Our Mission

We seek:

  • To equip families & individuals to transform their world, by fostering a relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.
  • To disciple, equip and release people to live life to their full God-given potential.
  • To encourage people coming in to Alice Springs from desert communities (and further abroad) so as to be strengthened in their walk with Christ before returning home. Upon returning home, it is our hope that they will teach and encourage others into this new/deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


 Our Foundation

The Christian Family Centre exists to honour Jesus Christ and we have a great commitment to God’s Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and the outworking of Jesus’ Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).


Our Ministry Expression

1.1    The Christian Family Centre has been raised up by God to express a ministry with a set of core values and a purposeful ministry strategy that fits squarely within the main stream of historic Christian belief and practice; and which is appealing and relevant to the 21st Century culture and its various social needs.


1.2    As with other churches, we accept and rely on the absolute authority of the Scriptures, and we express normally accepted Biblically-based Christian beliefs, values, ethics and behaviour; and hold an attitude of friendship and co-operation with other Christian denominations.


1.3    Our view of the Christian life is that it should be centred around a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and therefore will be loving, joyful, supportive and productive in all of its expressions.  We help people to fully identify in the finished work of Christ on the Cross and of Christ’s victorious resurrection on their behalf and in the life and destiny changing reality of Christ indwelling people through the person of the Holy Spirit.


1.4    We affirm that Jesus Christ transforms people by His love and grace and always enriches people’s lives, enabling them to fully develop their potential and to live happily and creatively.



In all things we pursue Authenticity, Integrity, Dignity, Pro-activity Stability and Excellence.


2.1    AUTHENTICITY – We seek at all times to wholeheartedly maintain an authentic and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We outwork this by intelligibly expressing both our individual and corporate worship and witness of Jesus Christ in the good order and control that the Scriptures prescribe; and in a manner that is creative, relevant and contemporary, while always remaining true to our Biblical foundations.


2.2 INTEGRITY – We seek to be people who adhere to the highest levels of integrity in our ministry and witness of Jesus Christ.

We outwork this by accurately presenting the entire message of the Bible by gifted and anointed teachers; by living Christ-like lives of moral uprightness; by outworking Christ’s miraculous ministry in a manner that  is always glorifying to God, in the interests and welfare of people, and conducted with great sensitivity to the needs of those present; by diligently and responsibly overseeing our financial operations; and by maintaining clearly defined levels of accountability and co-operation throughout the relational, ministry and organisational life of our churches.


2.3    DIGNITY – We uphold the value and worth of all people as special creations of God and for whom Jesus Christ died on the Cross.

We outwork this within our church family by creating a safe and supportive environment where people can experience the true love, acceptance, forgiveness and peace of Jesus Christ; and by sharing Christ’s unfailing love and salvation with the un-churched through both our respectful words and consistently holy lifestyle.


2.4    PROACTIVITY – We seek to use initiative and to be creative in our obedience to and dependence on Jesus Christ.

We express this by desiring and expecting Christ to work miracles through us; by operating in the supernatural empowerment of God’s Spirit with the various free gifts that he gives (1 Corinthians 12:7-1 1); and by innovative and expansive thinking, and a dynamic and daring faith that undergirds everything we do for Jesus Christ.


2.5    STABILITY – We seek to reflect balance and common sense in every expression of our faith in Jesus Christ.

We outwork this through releasing gifted and anointed leadership that will stay focused on our Purpose; by being committed to practically applied Biblical teaching and preaching that remains centred on the Gospel and Grace; and by following a genuinely real-to-life, Christ centred spirituality in our ministry and daily life.


2.6      EXCELLENCE – We pursue excellence by responsibly doing our very best in everything we do for Jesus Christ and by modelling the servant leadership example of Jesus Christ.

We work towards this ideal in all aspects of our public gatherings; our ministry of God’s Word; our church facilities; our personal work ethics; our family life; our engaging with the cultural, social, economic and political affairs of our nation; and our spiritual impact on our community.


All of this is done and stayed true to by the power of the Holy Spirit. Without the Spirit’s presence and strength, we are just another club wanting to help people.