Who We Are

This is the place you can find out more about us. Our beliefs, our vision and our mission. Our church family is a little unique to some and is made up of people from all around Australia and beyond. Some

what do we do 4

What we do

What we do stems from who we are. Being a church for all people (regardless of age, nationality or socio-economic status), and demonstrating God’s love for Central Australia, we are all about loving God and loving people. The Great Commission


Where we meet

If you’re looking to find out where we are then you’ll find that here. On Sunday mornings at 10am you’ll find us at 56 Milner Rd at the Centralian Middle School Hall. Our youth group meets there also on Saturday

Catalyst Youth

Catalyst Youth

/ˈkætəlɪst/ noun 1. a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself suffering any permanent chemical change. 2. a person or thing that causes a change. We are about growing our young people in their faith, and

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